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EnergyStat - Our next generation thermostat

Prototype Enclosure Photo

The EnergyStatâ„¢ was initially created as our entry into Microsoft's Dare to Dream Different Challenge. The challange was sponsered by Microsoft's .NET Micro Famework team and was open to contestants internationally. The prizes ranged from hardware development kits to business consulting and startup cash to implement for the finalists. The competition has now concluded and our entry was selected as a semi-finalist (among the top 50)! We would like to congratulate all of the teams that submited an entry. We saw a lot of great ideas from the competitors.

Energy Efficient House Model

Our invention for the competition was a thermostat that offered a combination of thermal energy learning for the invironment it is installed in, as well as presenting info to the user that allows them to make more energy efiicient decissions when adjusting their climate control settings. The device is internet enabled so that it is aware of upcoming weather changes, diplay weather alerts, and can even allow the user to change their settings from anywhere they have internet access. The combination of all these features would untap additional energy savings out of the existing heating and cooling system in any home. The goal of the EnergyStat is to be the World's most energy efficient thermostat.


Although the competition has ended we intend to continue developing this product to produce a version that is commercially viable. Please check this page for future updates on the EnergyStatâ„¢.


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Screen Capture

Screen Capture

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