Black Creek Bistro

Black Creek Bistro, rated one of the top 10 best restaurants in Columbus, features ultra-fresh, local product and green ideals. When they contacted Blue Valley Tech to redesign their website, we felt the updated look should reflect their ethics. As such, a clean and modern layout with green accent colors was chosen.

To avoid the clutter that many restaurant websites often result in we organized the layout and optimized the navigation, emphasizing what most visitors are looking for first. The Black Creek Bistro’s hours, phone number and location map are now located on the homepage. Menus' are accessible from just one click further.

With rotating seasonal dishes and the constant change in the availability of fresh local products, The Black Creek Bistro makes updates to their menu frequently. As a result, the staff needed a simple and intuitive way to upload the new menu changes to their website. The updated website features a digital version of the same menus that are used at the restaurant. This allows the staff to sync the menu available on the website and the menu in the restaurant with ease. Now diners visiting the Black Creek Bistro can be familiar with current menu offerings before setting foot in the door.

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