Eat Your Kimchi

Eat Your Kimchi is a Korean culture blog with a large and growing fanbase who was in need of an update to their website design and their online weekly kpop contest management solution. When Eat Your Kimchi came to Blue Valley Technologies they had several goals in mind that we were able to work with them to develop and implement. Their updated site now includes an online store integration, an innovative "pay-whatever-you-want" subscription service for premium members as well as a mobile-friendly version specifically for those premium members. We also helped them to develop and refine several WordPress plugins that enabled their fans to participate in weekly, and special event contests, which used a combination of votes as well as social media shares to influence the results.

Responsive Design

Eat Your Kimchi's website has a demographic that includes some of the most connected users on the web. So, of course they were in need of a mobile-friendly responsive design for their premium members. Whether on smartphone, tablet or desktop the responsive Eat Your Kimchi site is optimized for the best reading, browsing and commenting experience.

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